Say I love you with cake

Tuesday 10th January 2017 - Jenny

Say I Love You with Cake

Valentines is almost upon us once more, and what better way to say ‘I love you’ than with cake?

We will have some great cakes, desserts and treats for you to treat the one your heart sings for.

So to celebrate, we’re sharing with you three of our favourite cakes of all time, with top tips on how

to make them as mouth wateringly tempting as possible.


They say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac and who are we to argue? Chocolate releases

endorphins in the brain that send happy signals to the rest of our body, so its little wonder that our

classic chocolate cake is top of the list today!

Always popular, always enjoyed. Our classic chocolate cake is finished with chocolate ganache

and can be iced with a chocolate message for your loved one. You can choose from white, pink,

milk or orange chocolate for your personalise message, so it really can be personalised according

to your one sweet love.

How to make it a chocolate cake to remember? Sorry, but we’re not about to give up our secrets

here! But if you do decide to make one at home this Valentines, here are our three top tips:

use a heart shaped tin and make sure that it is well lined an greased. The last thing you want is

your cake falling apart when you try to take it out of the tin. It’s also a good idea to make a note of

the size required for the recipe too!

Pre-heat the oven as directed. Honestly, love will wait! There is no point rushing these things

otherwise your cake will turn out soggy and, well, a bit of a flop!

Weigh all your ingredients carefully. There’s a bit of chemistry involved in making a cake, and it

pays to be as accurate as possible. That way, you can be sure your cake will be perfect, and it

won’t spoil the chemistry for you and your loved one either!


Our You and Me brownies are always best sellers at Valentines Day and we’re proud to say that

we’ve helped a fair few nervous young men to propose with our cakes! A good brownie will be

moist, chocolatey and very moreish…

At Sweet As you can choose from Classic Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Chunky Ginger Delight or

Zingy Orange- so there’s something for everyone. You can even add a personal message too. So

how to choose the ultimate message for your loved one? Here are our three top tips:

Find a poem that you like, that you can take a quote from. It doesn’t need to be original, it just

needs to mean something.

Use words from a favourite song, or a song that means something to you two.

If you have an affectionate nickname, use it in your message. There’s nothing cuter than a couple

with an in joke!


Cupcakes are fantastic for sharing, and Valentines Day is definitely a day most of us don't want to

spend alone. In our bakery we use the finest ingredients for every single cupcake, and we are

proud to say they’re packed with taste, and not with preservatives. Cupcakes can also be

personalised, so you can use them to spell out your love in the sweetest way possible!

Want to make your own but can’t seem to get them just right? Here are three mistakes you

definitely want to avoid:

When the cupcake falls a little short… The last thing you want is a cupcake that doesn’t live up to

it’s reputation! Sometimes you can either fill the case too much, or not enough, and while the

offending cake can be covered with frosting, you don’t really want it happening in the first place, do

you? Bake a tester first. Fill it half way and see how it turns out, then adjust the rest accordingly.

When the frosting slides off the cupcake… you need to leave it at least one hour before you start to

decorate your cupcakes, so leave yourself plenty of time. Nobody wants a sloppy, sliding cupcake!

When your little love hearts are soggy… little sugar hearts on top on your cupcakes look adorable,

but if you decorate them too early they will be soggy by the time you serve them up. Not a good

look. Keep them to one side until you’re ready to impress.