Cake For Breakfast

Sunday 10th September 2017 - Saffron

Cake for Breakfast?

The perfect way to start to your day… and a way to waste less.

We’ve all done it.

You buy a bunch of bananas, eat a couple then watch the others slowly turn from yellow to brown before throwing the smelly fruits in the recycling.

what to do with overripe bananas

No more, save those offending items and turn them into a super tasty cake you can eat for breakfast.

My chocolate, peanut butter & banana loaf cake is simple to make and is a real family favourite.

chocolate, peanut butter & banana loaf cake


400g bananas (the riper the better)
200g self-raising flour
75g butter
110g light brown sugar
2 eggs (beaten)
2 tbsp. peanut butter
40g cocoa powder
½ tsp honey


Pre heat oven to gas mark 4/180c/160c fan

Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin

Mash the bananas and set aside

In a bowl add the butter to the flour and rub with your fingers until well combined, add the sugar and mix well.

Stir in the bananas and add the beaten egg until smooth.

Mix the cocoa with 4tbsp of boiling water to form a paste and add to the mixture along with the peanut butter.

Stir until all combined.

Spoon into the prepared loaf tin and lightly cover with foil

Bake for 45 mins then remove the foil

Bake for another 15 mins or until an inserted skewer comes out clean

Drizzle the honey over the loaf and leave to cool before removing from the tin.

Slice and enjoy.

As a variation you can leave out the peanut butter and cocoa and try adding a tsp of mixed spice, some lime zest and juice instead.

You’ll never throw away another banana!