How to get the most out of my cake?

Friday 1st December 2017 - Jenny

You probably spent a while deciding which cake you would like?

Which cake would put the biggest smile on everyones faces.

So with just a few simple tips you can make sure your cake provides the most joy it can!

  • Keep the cake flat, if carrying, don’t put it into a bag. If driving, the boot is best!
  • Don’t store your cake in the fridge- it will take on the flavour of anything around it (onion flavour cake isn’t the best!)and dry it out. Room temperature is usually fine.
  • If you have any cake left over cling film and put it in a airtight box.
  • Serve your cake as dessert! Our chocolate cake is perfect sliced, warmed though in the microwave and served with ice cream or raspberries.
  • Freeze any leftovers in slices and bring out slice by slice to keep your treat keep going.