How To Make Easy Christmas Treats

Tuesday 19th December 2017 - Saffron

How to make easy Christmas treats.

The cheats way to avoid writing cards to the entire class.

Christmas is fast approaching and No.4 is bringing home Christmas cards every day in his book bag but trying to pin him down long enough to write any back is not my favorite holiday task.

Writing 30 or so Christmas cards is not peaceful or joyous to a six year old who would much rather by playing Minecraft!

So I found a way of sending Christmas wishes to his classmates thats fun for him and tasty for his friends.

These Christmas treats are so simple to make.


Candy Canes
White Chocolate

I bought all my ingredients from Sainsburys


Snip the plastic off the end of a candy cane to expose the sweet but still keeping the wrapping on, then gently push the open end into a marshmallow.

Melt the chocolate in a microwave and dip the top of the marshmallow into the chocolate.

Then dip it in to the sprinkles

Rest the treat on greaseproof paper to set, once the chocolate is hard your treat can be wrapped, handed out and enjoyed.

Christmas Treats

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year

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