It’s just cake, said no caker ever!

Sunday 9th July 2017 - Saffron

I was chatting to a bride to be about her wedding cake a couple of months ago and it turned out I was unavailable to make her cake, she wasn’t too bothered and said:

‘oh, don’t worry, it’s not important it’s just cake!’

Now as a caker it’s not just cake to me! It’s my passion, my livelihood, my business but also it really isn’t just cake to you either and here’s why.

  1. Your wedding cake is the 4th most photographed thing about your wedding

If you think about it almost every guest sharing your big day will take a picture of the bride, the happy couple signing the register, the 1st dance and THE CAKE!

  1. Your social media contacts will scroll through your uploads to see it.

It’s true those friends and acquaintances who didn’t make the guest list aren’t interested in auntie Marjorie’s dress even if it did take her 3 months to choose it they just want to see the 4 key elements I talked about. You, the happy couple, the 1st dance and THE CAKE!

  1. You will have to look at it forever (hopefully!)

Every self-respecting wedding photographer knows that a wedding album isn’t complete without a cake cutting photo and even if that album is tucked away and only dusted off annually you will have a lasting reminder of your cake forever.

  1. It brings everything together

Lets be honest you’ve spent months planning your theme, your colours, your flowers and your cake will pull all of these elements together. It doesn’t matter if its rustic neutrals, pretty pastels or bright and bold your choice of cake will be the show stopping centrepiece of all that hard work.

  1. It’s a keepsake

In days of old it was traditional to keep the top tier of the cake for the christening of your 1st born, however with more and more brides opting for sponge cake this idea is dying out but that doesn’t mean you cant keep part of your cake. My mother in law, my mum, my nan and me all have some of the sugarcraft flowers that adorned our wedding cake some 16yrs ago. As they are made from sugar they wont spoil, you wouldn’t want to eat them, but they look as pristine as the day I put them on the cake!


Your perfect wedding took time and effort to plan so always remember it is never just cake… It really is all about the cake!

Wedding Cake