Man I’m fed up…

Tuesday 17th January 2017 - Jenny

Cake, 99.9% of people love cake and a cake is a cake right?

No No No! This gets my goat.

As with most things in life there are varying quality of cakes. Flavours, textures, colours etc and we are quite spoilt with the amount of cake out there- every high street has a cafe (or 10) that sell cake but do we really enjoy it or is it just that sugar fix our bodies need at 3pm? (or 11am!)

You may have heard about the rise in popularity of Mindfulness and living in the now, eating mindfully is a great way to start with this. What this will bring out is eating until we are content, not until the plate is empty but also to enjoy the flavours in our food.

Now, it may not surprise you to hear that I’m a big fan of cake. And food in general, having been a pastry chef for 20 years, eating out and cooking runs through my veins. So, I will always try a cake when I’m out somewhere nice with a  cup of tea. What mindfulness has opened my eyes to is that there are so many cakes out there that just taste of sugar!   Cakes that look like chocolate or lemon and  lime or carrot or coffee etc etc but just taste of sugar! GRRRRR! Yes, sugar is an integral part of baking and cakes but if a cake is supposed to be chocolate it should taste of chocolate. If its supposed to be lemon it should be the zest of a fresh lemon you taste first.


We as consumers, have become more and more aware of our foods and the choices we have so I ask you for one thing- next time you tuck into a wedge of cake just take a minute, close your eyes and enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy, ask your local coffee shop/cafe/ restaurant for better. It’s out there for the finding, it’s not too much to ask for.

There are companies like us who use fresh, real ingredients with no preservatives made by people that have trained in their craft so don’t be fooled by the sugar filled or packet mix cakes out there passed off as ‘proper’ high quality cakes.