My Top baking tips

Wednesday 31st August 2016 - Jenny

Top Five Baking Tips


We pride ourselves on creating only the finest and most delicious cakes and baked goods, using only the best ingredients. All of our cakes have that home baked taste, simply because they are just that- home baked. And our customers tell us that this is the reason they return time after time for more moist and scrumptious goodies day after day. So, as you can tell, we’re pretty passionate about what we do! And today we thought we’d share some of our top baking tips too- so that you can create your own masterpieces at home. Enjoy!


Always, always, ALWAYS weigh your ingredients carefully


There’s no room for estimation! We are meticulous about this and we can guarantee that if you aren’t too, your cakes will not turn out how you expect them too. Recipes have been crafted over many hours and adapted so that the finished product is as perfect as can be, so don’t be tempted to change or guess. Get some decent scales and measure everything as carefully as you can. You won’t be disappointed.


If your measurements are only a tiny bit out, it can drastically alter the taste, texture and appearance of your home baked cake, so it really is worth taking the extra time to get it right. And its one of the easiest ways to ensure success too!


Use equipment designed to making cake baking easier


Just because your grandma never used an electric whisk, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. If you have the equipment at your disposal, use it! We live in the 21st century where technology has advanced to the point where we can pretty much achieve anything in the kitchen, so don’t be afraid to make the most of it. Besides, many of us are short of time aren’t we? So if your kitchen gadget is going to make cake baking a little easier then go for it. You’ll be more likely to get that apron out again and again if its less of a chore to bake.


Take your time


Yes, yes. We just told you to do what you can to make the whole process quicker, but its worth noting that cake baking is not necessarily a speedy process. The actual baking cannot be rushed. Don’t be tempted to turn up the heat in the oven so that your cake is ready quicker. Don’t try to squeeze in the baking of a cake that takes 70 minutes if you only have an hour. And never open the oven door before the minimum time allocated! If you can, make sure you have at least an extra half an hour to bake your cake, so that you can take into account the possibility of things going wrong. It happens to the best of us! And while we’re at it, make sure you allow enough time for your cake to cool down too. Leave it in the pan for at least fifteen minutes before turning onto a cool wire rack to cool completely.


Use an oven thermometer


Even if your oven is brand new and you’ve never had an issues before… you still need to double check the temperature before you trust it to bake your cake correctly. Oven thermometers are easy to use, and will ensure you have the proper temperature for baking success. And remember that your oven will lose heat each time you open the door to peek at your creation, so don’t be tempted!


Grease your tin well


You absolutely need to grease your baking tins, otherwise your cake is going to stick and you’re not going to be left with much to work with. Use a pastry brush to reach the corners of the tin and to ensure that all areas are covered.


Greasing your tin takes only a few moments and its a step that really should not be skipped if you want a cake to be proud of. Its also good idea to line the bottom with greaseproof paper too, and use softened butter always.


What are your top cake baking tips?