Sugar Cookies Recipe

Monday 20th November 2017 - Saffron

Sugar Cookies Recipe

Inset Day? Smashed It #winning

So today is Inset Day (or insect day as my 6yr old calls it!) which means my little cupcake is spending the day at home with me, however as I’m still recovering from surgery and cannot drive I was a little concerned as to what we would do to spend the time.

I shouldn’t have worried because as soon as the words ‘Do you want to make some cookies?’ came out of my mouth he practically threw his iPad down and jumped for joy!

It was such a success that I thought I’d share the recipe we used so you can have a try too.

They are also perfect for Christmas gifts 😉


270g Self Raising Flour
115g Caster Sugar & extra for decoration
210g Softened Butter


Add the butter & sugar to a large mixing bowl and using a wooden spoon mix until blended.

Then add the flour and mix, we found using our hands worked best, until a nice soft dough was formed.

Wrap the dough in cling film and pop in the fridge for 30 mins

Roll out the dough on a floured board to around 5mm thick and cut out your cookies

Place your cookies on a lined baking tray and bake at 160 for 15-18 mins, until lightly golden

Sprinkle your still hot cookies with caster sugar and leave on the tray to cool for 10 mins then transfer to a wire rack.

If you like you can decorate your cookies with icing but if you do want to ice your cookies don’t sprinkle them with the caster sugar.

I really hope you enjoy making these cookies as much as we did.

That moment when your cupcake says ‘Mummy when I grow up I want to be a baker just like you’

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