Ten ways to treat your Mum (and a yummy recipe)

Wednesday 20th April 2016 - Jenny

Ten Ways to Spoil Your Mother

“A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”

Teneva Jordan

Your mum is the one person in life who is always there for you, making sacrifices and paving the way for you to succeed. And now with Mother’s Day fast approaching, you can show your appreciated at all she’s done over the years. Not sure how?

Here are ten ways to spoil your mother. You’re welcome!

Bake her a cake

Of course we were going to say that! How many cakes has your mum baked for you over the years? Well, now its time to repay the favour! Nothing says I love you better than a home baked sponge with all her favourite toppings. It shows you’ve spent time thinking about her, and that means a lot more than a bunch of flowers. No good at baking? Pop into our store and we’ll see what we can do!

Bring her to our cookery class

We’ve got it in hand. Pop along to one of our classes on Saturday 5th March and spend some quality time in the kitchen together. The chocolate making has sold out but we’re still have a couple of places on the cupcake decorating class.

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Take her for afternoon tea

It doesn’t even need to be somewhere fancy. Pop in to see us and we can help you build the perfect ensemble for an platter to remember. All you need to provide is the tea, we’ll do the rest. We even personalise cakes, so you can send her a little message to let her know just how much she’s loved.

Make her dinner

I’m willing to be your mum has cooked you a fair few roast dinners in her time, hasn’t she? Well perhaps this weekend it’s your turn! Spend a few hours in the kitchen while she puts her feet up and relaxes for a change.

Spa Day

Trust us, she’ll love it.

Make a card

Sometimes, the best cards a mum can get are the ones that little ones have brought home from preschool. Now that you’re grown up, those days are long past you… or are you? If you have little ones of your own, you can always employ their services here, or have a go yourself! The time and effort you put into it will always be appreciated!

Plan a family photo shoot

All mothers love to hang photos of their families and loved ones at home, so why not plan a surprise photo shoot for her? You can either arrange for the photos to be ready for the big day, or arrange a photography session that she can be a part of too.

Present her with home made sweet treats this year

If you can’t make it to our chocolate making class, why not have a go at making your own sweet goodies at home instead? Our buttery shortbread is hugely popular, and so easy to make. We’re even happy to share our recipe with you!


110g butter

55g caster sugar

130g plain flour

10g corn flour

20g rice flour

Cream butter and sugar until fluffy

Combine flours and add ¼ at a time.

Combine but don’t over mix

Rest for an hour before rolling out.

Create a film

These days old photographs are usually stored away in albums, or on the computer, to the point that we don’t really get to see them much any more. Why not create a film of some of your mum’s favourite memories and present it to her on Sunday?

Tell her you love her

At the end of the day, all a mum really wants to hear is that she’s loved and appreciated. Go out of your way to tell her that, and then keep on telling her long after Mother’s Day has ended. The best gift of all.