The Trauma Of Children’s Birthday Parties

Tuesday 17th October 2017 - Saffron

The Trauma of children’s birthday parties.

Eat The Damn Cake!

Last weekend was No.4s (the youngest of C&Bs offspring) 6th birthday party.

We booked the soft play gym within plenty of time & discussed the menu with the chef to cater for all dietary needs.

We obsessed over the guest list etiquette who do we HAVE to invite, who invited No.4 to their party and who didn’t? Who is his best friend this week? Which classmates can’t be in the same room without it becoming a round from a WWE match?

Trust me it’s a veritable minefield and one wrong step can see you the playground gossip (at least until the next party!)

So just imagine my horror when I open No.4s school bag and discover an invite for the same day and the same time!

A couple of panicked phone calls and the party is re-booked for 2 hours later!

The cake, ahh the cake…. No.4 doesn’t know what he wants, the playground parents are already enquiring and speculating as to this years offering.

I lovingly sculpt a T-Rex from RKT and assemble a rich chocolate truffle cake with layers of thick dark ganache.

Dinosaur birthday cake

The party day arrives, the noise and excitement to immense especially as all the children had already partied the morning away at the other party.

The lovely staff at the play gym bring out the cake complete with 6 candles stuck In it (cakers you will feel my pain!) and after a loud rendition of ‘happy birthday’ the cake is swiftly whisked away back to the kitchen, where it is chopped up, wrapped in tissue paper and dropped into waiting party bags.

So what happens to the cake?

Its sitting at the bottom of a little plastic bag, its pretty paper blanket sticking to it, little hands reaching in to grab the goodies around it squishing the gooey chocolate offering.

The sweeties are eaten, the balloons blown up, the whistles played with (sorry, Mr C&B was in charge of the party bags!) and the poor, sad cake is still in the bag, squashed and unloved it eventually ends up in the bin.

So today I’m asking you, begging you … EAT THE DAMN CAKE!

Instead of wrapping it and dropping it in bags let’s start eating it at the party, let’s share it with the parents who stay and offer it to the ones collecting, let’s be the revolution and change the way we treat the cake.

Someone, somewhere spent a long time creating it so let’s start treating it with respect and EAT THE DAMN CAKE!!


You can avoid the trauma of forgotten cake by booking a C&B cupcake party where the cake is the party bag! Have a look here.

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