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Monday 20th November 2017 - Jenny


Five Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding


Hopefully the preparations are well under way and you have enough lists to keep you busy in the run up… right? If that’s not the case, then relax. Here are five top tips to help you plan your wedding with less stress and more excitement!

Agree a budget

Weddings are costly! And the last thing you want is to have your heart set on a certain venue, or THE dress you just have to have, only to find that your budget just cannot stretch that far. Be realistic about what you have to spend, and make it your mission to negotiate the best deals where you can. Your budget will help you to make the big decisions, such as who to invite and where to host it.

Set a date!

Probably THE most important tip of all! But you’d be surprised how many couples actually plan a lot of their wedding before actually agreeing on a date. You need to consider various factors when it comes to choosing a date for your wedding. For example, summer weddings mean that you have a little more choice when it comes to venue as often you can use outdoors for some of the celebrations. Likewise winter weddings may mean a change to outfit plans so it all needs to be considered. Additionally, its worth considering which day you choose to get married too- Fridays are often cheaper, but you will need to ask people to take a day off work if they want to join you.

Sort your theme out sooner rather than later

A good wedding has a theme. And chances are, the best wedding you’ve ever been to was the one with a style to remember. You probably remember it well. Whether its a colour scheme or a more obvious literary or musical theme, it’s a great idea to create a common theme to run through your special day. Here are five ways you can make sure your guests recognise your theme:

  • Invites. Make sure they’re in keeping with your theme and colours, and make sure the RSVP slips match too. And while you’re at it, order enough thank you cards in the same design for after the weeding.
  • Cake table. We’ve written about the delights of a good cake table before (and let’s face it- if we know anything, we know cake!) and one that matches your chosen theme is bound to go down really well.
  • Bridal party. Make sure your bridesmaids etc are aware of your theme, and ensure that dresses match accordingly. You don’t need to insist on identical dresses for everyone; be creative and allow each girl to wear a different style, but in the same colours, or with matching accessories.
  • Flowers. If your theme is a colour, make sure your flowers compliment it throughout the day.
  • Reception tables. Matching tableware, napkins or favours can all be selected in keeping with your theme. I once read about a super hero themed wedding where the guests were all given super hero Pez sweets with cute little labels attached. You don’t need to be formal unless you want to!

Have a dream team to hand

Nobody can plan an entire wedding by themselves. And who would want to! Besides, you’ll find there is no shortage of friends and family wanting to help out to make your day as special as you deserve, so let them help. Create a core team of trusted helpers that you know will be useful and allow you to make your plans a reality. Work to their strengths and give everyone a realistic timeline to adhere to. Above all, have fun! This is your one chance to plan something really special, and often the beauty is in the preparations so make the most of it.

Take your time

Our last tip may not be for everyone, but it’s worth considering if only to alleviate stress levels. If you’re decided on a date then try to start planning as soon as possible, so that you’re not doing everything at the last minute. There’s nothing worse than rushing about and stressing yourself out over what is supposed to be the most magical event of your life. If you give yourself enough time, you will enjoy all aspects of the planning a lot more.

Bonus tip… don’t forget the cake!
The wedding cake is THE centrepiece of your wedding and most guests will be excited to see it revealed. You’ll have your photos taken as you take the first cut as a married couple. You’ll share it with your guests. You might even save the top tier for a christening… so make sure you order in good time, and make sure you make it a top priority!

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